The ListJuggler search supports a subset of the Whoosh query language. The general format of a search is something like:

p=Han AND (s=awing OR s=z95) AND (state=Illinois OR state=Indiana)

This will search for list that brought Han Solo and an AWing or a Headhunter, in the states of Illinois or Indiana.

You have to give hints to ListJuggler to tell it what you are looking for. It understands ships, pilots, and upgrades.

Prefix Meaning Example
type The tourney type. Types are Store Championship, Regional, System Open, Nationals, World Championship, Vassal play, and Other. type=Regional OR type=Store
ship The Xwing ship name ship=yt1300
s The Xwing ship name s=yt1300
pilot The Xwing pilot name pilot=han
p The Xwing pilot name p=han
upgrade The Xwing upgrade name upgrade=falcon
u The Xwing upgrade name u=falcon
country The country where the tourney was played country=Canada
state The state where the tourney was played state=Quebec
city The city where the tourney was played city=Chicago
venue The venue where the tourney was played venue=Dice

A few other hints to help you along: